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The Khoisan people of South Africa

Khoisan, an academically fabricated identity

Khoisan, an academically fabricated identity. And Khoisan, a disputed identity. Some ‘Coloureds’ claim to be representative of a supposed Khoisan people, and some dispute that. The true is that many so called Coloureds may and do have Khoe and Sassi-khoe blood, a minority still carry the uninterrupted bloodline. The other fact also is that Khoe and Sassi-khoe blood lines survive comfortably amongst so called ‘Bantus’. You see the phenotype in the face of the isiXhosa speaker, amongst Batswana, baPhuthi, amaZizi, amaTolo, and baSotho in general.
It does not end there.
BaThembu like Mandela and his Qocwa cousin, Clarence Makwetu showed strong Khoe/Sassi appearance, so does Don Mattera, and many others.
It doesn’t end there!
¤amaGqunukhwebe (Gqunukhoeb)
¤Dikiza, njalo njalo.

All these ngabaThwa intsusa yabo. And it doesn’t end there!
Numerous so called ‘Nguni’ clans brag about having a maternal Khoe/Sassi ancestry.
It doesn’t end there!
Even where phenotype does not tell, the genes may still be there in oneself as exampled by mfundisi Desmond Tutu.
Most importantly, Khoe/Sassi people are Afrikan people, Black if you will, and they are the matrix that biologically unites so called Ntu and so called Coloured peoples as one Afrikan people. So, always rally and unite our people, pay no mind to colonial divisive thinking.

by Siyabonga Mviko Dlamini Ka Njokweni

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